Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maya the Duck

 For Maya's next CIA assignment she will be traveling Europe in disguise as a duck, CIA officials have stated "Nobody ever suspects the duck." Unfortunately, experts have found that the same is not true of dogs. In fact, everyone always suspects the dog. 

 Maya has been working on her duck impressions, she has definitely mastered the art of looking like a duck, but will she be able to master quacking like a duck? No one will believe that she is truly a duck unless she can quack like a duck.

 Fortunately, Maya is a fast learner and she is certain that by the time of her departure she will have mastered all aspects of looking, acting, and sounding like a duck. Good luck Maya, on your brave and serious mission.


  1. If we ever need a duck interpreter we know where to go now!


  2. That last shot is one of the best photos ever. You're cracking me up over here!