Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Trying to Fit In

Maya has always dreamed, since the day of her birth, of "playing in all the reindeer games." For Maya, her pink nose has not been the biggest barrier. On walks, Maya dreams of befriending the deer she sees grazing; she longs to run free with them. Finally, in a turn of events, Maya has grown a pair of antlers and is ready to go out and meet some nice deer friends. She now has what it takes to fit in with a crowd of deer. Maya's long time dream has finally been fulfilled.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maya the Adorable Little Thief

Maya has found something wonderful, something to keep her warm on these cold winter nights--and it doesn't belong to her. She has taken to lying on a heated blanket on the couch, a holiday present that was supposed to be for her people. In fact, Maya has become so obsessed with this heated blanket that she will whimper and whine until someone turns on the heat for her. She will then curl up blissfully and fall asleep.

In these photos, she is lying stretched out on the recliner, wrapped in the heated blanket. She is simply enjoying a cold Sunday morning in the warmth of her home. The heat is on high and Maya is feeling comfy and cozy. She has us trained so well.